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The Biden administration lays out a two-stage stimulus plan, while political tensions continue to simmer and Fed sends mixed policy signals. Meanwhile, US economic data continues to weaken and China tensions continue to percolate.

In this week's Five Minute Macro, political tension remains front and center, while increased odds of fiscal stimulus moves and mixed Fed signals follow. Inflation expectations hit multi-year highs and China-US tensions continue to percolate.

In the final Macrocast of the year, we discuss the wild and unpredictable year from the COVID-19 pandemic to its economic impacts and the government’s fiscal and monetary policy reactions to both. We also make some predictions looking ahead to 2021.


Morning Markets Brief 12-22-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Global risk assets are steadying this morning as the long-delayed US pandemic relief package heads to the President’s desk, Brexit negotiators soldier on despite more setbacks, and vaccine rollout continues apace. S&P 500 futures indicate a 0.2% gain at the open after the index closed … Continue reading “Morning Markets Brief 12-22-2020”

Five Minute Macro 1-25-2021

The Biden Relief Bill remains front and center, while investors wait for the Fed on Wednesday and corporate earnings season continues. Finally, data continue to show the uneven effects of the pandemic and US-China tensions continue to percolate.


Afternoon Markets Brief 12-18-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown US equities slipped from record highs today as wrangling continued today over the US pandemic relief package and UK-EU Brexit agreement. The S&P 500 declined 0.4% today to pare year-to-date gains to 14.8%, as the index adjusts to include Tesla on Monday (more below). The … Continue reading “Afternoon Markets Brief 12-18-2020”

Looking Ahead – The Dragon and the Ant 11-20-2020

Looking Ahead – The Dragon and the Ant It has been an eventful few weeks, even by the standards of 2020, which has not lacked for consequential occurrences. As the post-election legal challenges wind down, this unprecedented US political season seems to be heading toward the likely resolution of a … Continue reading “Looking Ahead – The Dragon and the Ant 11-20-2020”

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