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Vaccine news brightening the outlook and political uncertainty easing has driven risk markets significantly higher. Entering at the third spot is the odds of a stimulus, while China re-enters at four. Finally, oil prices rebound.

On election eve, the outcome of the election remains the focus of global markets, with rising Covid infection rates second. Corporate earnings move down a spot, while sinking oil prices and Brexit drama round out the top five.


Morning Markets Brief 11-3-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Global risk assets are subdued this morning after yesterday’s losses as investors continue to weigh the grim near-term outlook for the pandemic and the global economy against upbeat medium-term prospects for stimulus measures and eventual vaccine rollout. S&P 500 futures indicate a 0.1% lower open … Continue reading “Morning Markets Brief 11-3-2020”

Five Minute Macro 11-30-2020

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, global markets remain positive on a Yellen Treasury and continued positive vaccine news. New entrants at 3 and 4 are this week’s OPEC meeting and oil prices along with the Pound and Brexit deal, while US political uncertainty continues to easy.


Afternoon Market Brief 11-16-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown US equities climbed higher again today as more positive vaccine news kept investors focused on the encouraging medium-term outlook despite grim near-term pandemic developments. The S&P 500 posted a fresh record high today, gaining 1.2% today with growth-sensitive stocks remaining in the lead, to hoist … Continue reading “Afternoon Market Brief 11-16-2020”

Looking Ahead – Is It Over Yet? 11-6-2020

Looking Ahead – Is It Over Yet? The concept of Election Day was already antiquated when this year’s enormous preponderance of early and mail-in voting elongated the process into an election month, while the tightness of the presidential race, as well as other key contests, has dragged the nation through … Continue reading “Looking Ahead – Is It Over Yet? 11-6-2020”

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