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I this week's 5 Minute Macro Covid-19 infection rates, corporate earnings and the state of CARES 4 remain the top, while the Chinese asset rally moves up to fourth, while the quickly weakening Dollar enters in the top 5.

Recovery optimism continues to drive market sentiment, followed by week two of peak earnings season and continued negotiations over US and EU stimulus. Finally, the China asset rally rounds out the top five.

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Morning Markets Brief 8-3-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Global risk assets were mostly higher overnight with some solid economic data supporting sentiment despite ongoing US-China tensions, while last week’s strong earnings from IT giants look set to extend US equity gains despite uncertainty over the latest US pandemic stimulus bill. S&P 500 futures … Continue reading “Morning Markets Brief 8-3-2020”

Five Minute Macro 7-27-2020

Covid-19 infection rates, corporate earnings and the state of CARES 4 remain the top three things driving markets this week. The Chinese asset rally moves up to fourth, while the quickly weakening Dollar enters in the final spot.


Afternoon Markets Brief 7-27-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown US equities resumed their tech-led uptrend today ahead of key earnings releases later this week, the dollar’s ongoing downtrend accelerated, and investors continued to monitor signals from negotiations on Capitol Hill over the next pandemic relief bill. The S&P 500 retraced Friday’s downside to edge … Continue reading “Afternoon Markets Brief 7-27-2020”

Looking Ahead 7-17-2020

Looking Ahead – Do You Like Surprises? This year has featured a jarring array of unexpected events, most of them decidedly unpleasant, and market participants are bracing for more to come. To borrow Donald Rumsfeld’s now-famous formulation, “unknown unknowns” are, by definition, impossible to predict, though nobody seems to be … Continue reading “Looking Ahead 7-17-2020”

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