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Briefing Samples

Morning Markets Brief 3-30-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Global risk assets are mixed this morning, amid relatively calmer price action, as investors ponder the degree to which even the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus deployed around the world over the past month can cushion the impact of the pandemic. S&P 500 futures are fluctuating … Continue reading “Morning Markets Brief 3-30-2020”

Afternoon Markets Brief 3-16-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Major US equity benchmarks plunged today, erasing Friday’s outsized gains and extending losses deeper into “bear market” territory, defined as a 20% drop from recent highs, as investors assessed the mixed impact of forceful Fed liquidity operations and braced for a sweeping solvency crisis as … Continue reading “Afternoon Markets Brief 3-16-2020”

Five Minute Macro 3-30-2020

Congress passed a $2 Tril Spending Package, while Central Banks continue to aggressively provide liquidity, as the Global Economy plunges into contraction, driving Oil Prices to 20-Year Lows.

Looking Ahead – Political Economics of a Pandemic 3-6-2020

The coronavirus outbreak may not yet fit the scientific definition of a pandemic but it is clearly heading in that direction, according to some leading public health officials. Global financial markets are certainly not waiting for the official notification. Price action this week in Treasury markets is consistent with an … Continue reading “Looking Ahead – Political Economics of a Pandemic 3-6-2020”