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Briefing Samples

Morning Markets Brief 6-5-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown Global risk assets are advancing this morning amid expectations for better-than-feared US labor market and an impending OPEC agreement to extend price-supportive supply cuts. S&P 500 futures point to a 0.8% higher open, which would add to week-to-date gains of 2.2% that have reduced year-to-date … Continue reading “Morning Markets Brief 6-5-2020”

Afternoon Markets Brief 5-12-2020

Summary and Price Action Rundown US stocks retreated today as closely-followed testimony by Dr. Fauci emphasized the risks of a premature economic reopening. The S&P 500 accelerated to the downside into the close of trading, ultimately falling 2.1% on the day to deepen year-to-date downside to 11.2% and the decline … Continue reading “Afternoon Markets Brief 5-12-2020”

Five Minute Macro 6-1-2020

Concerns around the Re-Opening of the Economy combined with nationwide protests remains the main driver of risk assets, followed by US-China tensions. As a Phase 4 deal takes shape, US Policy response moves up to the third spot. The Oil Price Rally followed by EU Stimulus and Fiscal Union round … Continue reading “Five Minute Macro 6-1-2020”

Looking Ahead – A Lack of Discipline 5-8-2020

Looking Ahead – A Lack of Discipline Take it from us, Wall Street is not the only place where complacency can set in during a big rally in the S&P 500. US equities can seem to policymakers like a tick-by-tick opinion poll, particularly at a time like this when the … Continue reading “Looking Ahead – A Lack of Discipline 5-8-2020”