Weekly Podcast Every Friday afternoon
  • Markets Policy Partners co-produces a weekly podcast series called the HPS Macrocast in partnership with the Penta Group.
  • Hosted by Markets Policy Partners’ John Fagan and Brendan Walsh along with Penta Managing Director Ylan Mui.
  • The Macrocast breaks down the news of the week at the intersection of markets, policy, and economics, providing insightful analysis in a punchy 30 minute format.
  • Dig into the most pressing macroeconomic trends of the week.
  • Be a source of information for your friends and family by sitting at the table with government policy advisors and markets experts.
  • Keep guard of your wealth.
  • Keep an eye on your financial advisor by knowing the key market/policy risks to your portfolio.

“Our clients are looking for analysis to understand what is driving market trends and what to expect in today’s fast-paced policy environment. John, Brendan, and I will bring our perspectives each week on what’s shaping current economic news based on our years of experience in the public and private sectors,” said Fratto. capabilities at HPS.”

The Macrocast is produced in-house at the Penta office in Washington, D.C.

Latest Episodes

Macrocast: The ripple effects of rising consumer confidence

This week on the Macrocast, Ylan Mui, Brendan Walsh, John Fagan, and Robert Dewey are joined by John Dick, CEO and founder of Civic Science, to dive into the latest economic sentiment index (ESI). The group offers their insights on the subtle shifts in the labor market, the dilemma of return-to-office mandates, and the decline in job changes since the peak of the “Great Resignation.” And after an active summer for labor, our experts grapple with the potential economic ripple effects of the United Auto Workers strike. You won’t want to miss it!

Russell Napier: 2023 – 2038 Forecast for Financial Repression / New Rules for Investors

We hosted a very revealing, compelling, and entertaining macro strategy session with macro legend Russell Napier on Friday, January 29, 2023. Russell is predicting an era of financial repression that reverses many of the characteristics of successful investing – we think this will be very worth your time. The full interview is on the Markets Policy YouTube Channel