Weekly Podcast Every Friday afternoon
  • Markets Policy Partners co-produces a weekly podcast series called the HPS Macrocast in partnership with the Penta Group.
  • Hosted by Markets Policy Partners’ John Fagan and Brendan Walsh along with Penta Managing Director Ylan Mui.
  • The Macrocast breaks down the news of the week at the intersection of markets, policy, and economics, providing insightful analysis in a punchy 30 minute format.
  • Dig into the most pressing macroeconomic trends of the week.
  • Be a source of information for your friends and family by sitting at the table with government policy advisors and markets experts.
  • Keep guard of your wealth.
  • Keep an eye on your financial advisor by knowing the key market/policy risks to your portfolio.

“Our clients are looking for analysis to understand what is driving market trends and what to expect in today’s fast-paced policy environment. John, Brendan, and I will bring our perspectives each week on what’s shaping current economic news based on our years of experience in the public and private sectors,” said Fratto. capabilities at HPS.”

The Macrocast is produced in-house at the Penta office in Washington, D.C.

Latest Episodes

Macrocast: Economic predictions for the year ahead

On today’s Macrocast episode, Ylan, John, Brendan, and John Dick of Civic Science chat about the latest inflation numbers from the core personal consumption expenditures price index, which rose less than expected in November. The group explained that the reaction to the news was broadly a “yawn” as the market remains focused on a soft landing. John Dick also talks through the latest Economic Sentiment Index. He explains that holiday spending will be strong, and notes that credit card debt and use of buy now pay, later services are up as consumers embrace “YOLO spending.”

Ylan, John, Brendan, and John also cover the biggest economic moments from 2023, including an overview of the Federal Reserve’s action this year, the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, and increased consumer spending on experiences, such as Taylor Swift concerts.

And what’s ahead for 2024? The group predicts large numbers of workers returning to the office, increased consumer spending on health and wellness, and a decrease in spending on streaming services as COVID-19 pandemic trends wane. The group also talks about the 2024 U.S. elections and how the decision of voters at the ballot box could impact the U.S. and international economy.

Macrocast: Geopolitics driving economic uncertainty

In this week’s Macrocast, Ylan, John, and Brendan unpack the global instability and domestic politics contributing to macroeconomic uncertainty. The group begins with a discussion of the oil markets, impacted most recently by U.S. strikes against Houthi rebels and geopolitics more broadly. Other factors, such as weak demand and rising U.S. reserves have put downward pressure on crude oil prices and contributed to price swings. Ylan, Brendan, and John continue their conversation about international affairs by unraveling the potential ‘geopolitical recession’ that could impact both giants like Tesla and your local gas station. The episode then dives into the Federal Reserve’s high-stakes maneuvers around inflation and interest rates.

Ylan, Brendan, and John then turn to domestic politics, with a focus on House Speaker Mike Johnson in his new role facing the looming government funding countdown that helped sink his predecessor, Speaker McCarthy. The group considers the implications of yet another stopgap spending bill amidst an election year. Finally, the group taps into the Republican frontrunners facing-off in Iowa next week, whose economic visions reveal subtle yet critical policy differences, especially on the trade front with China.