Five Minute Macro 9-14-2020

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, the economy and the Pandemic continues to be the driving factor in markets, with a dovish Fed in second. Dollar depreciation moves up to third and Brexit and the Pound enters at fourth. Meanwhile, the next relief bill remains stalled in Congress. Also please meet our talented intern Evan Kloss.

Evan is a recent graduate from the LeBow School of Business at Drexel University, where he earned a M.S. in Economics and minors in mathematics and finance. During his undergrad career, he gained professional experiences in private wealth management, corporate finance and financial markets research. Upon graduating in April, Evan joined the Markets Policy team. Here, he continually contributes to coverage of macroeconomic, financial and policy themes, and shapes them into many of the narratives featured in our daily market briefs and weekly market viewpoints. Evan seeks to expand upon his economics and finance foundation by pursuing a professional career in financial markets research and macroeconomic analysis.