Five Minute Macro 8-2-2021

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, the Fed meeting provides more clarity on taper decisions while the market continues to struggle with Delta fears. The Senate worked through the weekend to finish the infrastructure bill, while risks in China remain elevated and earnings season continues.



Five Minute Macro 7-19-2021

Growth and the Delta variant fears are driving a market sell-off, which clashes with the Fed’s pivot to tightening discussions. Infrastructure negotiations continue along with earnings season as oil prices fall following OPEC+ production increases.

Five Minute Macro 5-10-2021

Despite mixed growth signals, Treasury yields remain steady, while there continues to be more and more signs of inflationary pressures. Meanwhile, the disappointing jobs number bolsters the Fed’s dovish guidance, which is contributing to a weakening of the dollar. Finally, Dogecoin follies highlights the conundrum the sector poses for regulators.

Five Minute Macro 4-19-2021

Stable Treasury yields continues to help rally markets, while peak earnings season continues. Inflation worries remain the main concern for markets and crypto markets see increased volatility, while geopolitical risks continue to simmer.