Five Minute Macro 5-23-2022

Recession fears remain as the Fed continues its tightening path as inflation figures remain elevated. Russia’s invasion continues to hit global energy and agriculture supply. Finally, Chinese Covid lockdowns persist, and this week brings a host of global PMI data.

Five Minute Macro 5-16-2022

Fed tightening in the face of recession and inflation fears is keeping markets volatile as crypto remains in turmoil. China remains in lockdown and under pressure while the war in Ukraine keeps pressure on energy and agriculture markets.


Five Minute Macro 5-10-2022

Volatile markets on the back of Fed policy tightening continues this week as markets await tomorrow’s key CPI numbers. The Ukraine war and new oil restrictions continue to effect oil market and Chinese Covid lockdowns intensify. Finally, earnings season is coming to an end.

Five Minute Macro 4-12-2022

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, Russia and Ukraine remain front and center. US inflation moves into the second spot with key CPI readings this week, while Treasury volatility remains high. US economic slowdown concerns build and finally, oil slips below recent peaks as nations release strategic reserves.

Five Minute Macro 3-28-2022

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remains the main driving factor of markets. Fed signals more hawkish tightening as inflation remains elevated, however, oil prices are now below recent highs. Finally, the week closes with the all-important March Nonfarm Payroll Report.

Five Minute Macro 1-31-2022

In this week’s Five Minute Macro, Fed hawkishness remains front and center and turbulent geopolitics keep energy prices on the rise. Corporate earnings season offers a brighter tone as traders wait for an uncertain jobs Friday. Finally, the outlook for China remains cloudy as it battles Covid and a credit spillover.