Five Minute Macro 9-21-2022

Divergent global central bank policy remains the driving force in markets as recession concerns intensify. While inflation remains high, investors look for signs of easing but the war keeps energy prices elevated. Finally, crypto remain under pressure.

Five Minute Macro 8-29-2022

Divergent central bank policies are even more apparent following Jackson Hole, while US data in focus ahead of Jobs data this Friday. Global inflation shows signs of easing but the EU energy crisis continues and China provides stimulus in the face of slow growth and property risks.

Five Minute Macro 8-22-22

Divergent central bank policies remain as the driving factor in markets as economic data continues to muddle the outlook. Global inflation remains elevated, but macro headwinds in China and nuanced corporate earnings join the list.

Five Minute Macro 8-9-2022

Elevated inflation levels remain the front and center following last week’s blowout jobs report. Currency markets continue to move on divergent central bank policies and geopolitical risks intensify around Taiwan. Finally, the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act and sent it to the House for passage this week.