Five Minute Macro 3-16-2020

Coronavirus Fears continue to drive markets lower and now that fear is spreading into Heightened Systemic Risks. Global Central Banks and Governments continue to Deploy Emergency Stimulus as Global Data shows the Dire Impact of the Virus. Finally, Oil Crashed to Multi-year lows on the Saudi/Russia price war.

Five Minute Macro 3-2-2020

Coronavirus fears continue to drive markets, while a coordinated Global Central Bank response to the outbreak moves into the 2nd spot, replacing Weakening Global Economic Data. Oil Multiyear Lows enters in the 4th spot, with US Political/Policy Uncertainty rounding out the top 5.

Five Minute Macro 2-24-2020

With infection rates accelerating, the Coronavirus Outbreak remains front and center along with Global Growth as the biggest driver of markets this week. The Federal Reserve and Global Central Banks expectations for further easing remains third. Safe Haven Status Fueling Dollar Appreciation enters the top five for the first time and US Political Uncertainty falls to fifth.

Five Minute Macro 2-18-2020

The Coronavirus remains front and center on investor’s minds, while the Global Growth Rebound moves up to the 2nd spot due to said virus. The Fed drops to 3rd and US Politics remains in the 4th spot. Cautious positioning amid record equity highs enters the top 5 for the first time.

Five Minute Macro 2-10-2020

The Global Coronavirus Outbreak remains front and center again this week. The Fed moves up to 2nd as Powell heads to the Hill for the semi-annual Humphry-Hawkins Testimony. Global growth fears, US Political and Policy Uncertainty and the drop in Oil prices and OPEC’s efforts to counteract round out the top five for the week.